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Inspired by the New York Times’ series of the same name, FLUX Tiny Love Stories is small glimpse into romance during a pandemic.

Christen Wong

During the pandemic, I’ve spent a lot of time in my bed and room. Whether it be during class zoom calls or FaceTimes with my friends, I always have my stuffies accompanying me. My pandemic buddies are Mike Wazowski from Monsters University and Panda from We Bare Bears! They’re small, cute and cuddly. I love having them with me during the pandemic because my loved ones gave them to me and I have special memories with them. My best friend gave me Mikey for Christmas! I think of him whenever I cuddle Mike, especially since I can’t see him due to COVID-19. I cherish watching Monsters University with him at our virtual watch parties! My sister gave me Panda because I am like him. My sisters are also similar to the other We Bare Bears. We re-watch episodes of We Bare Bears together while we snuggle our stuffies!

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